Strange Lovers

One World Foundation is a project for fair exchange consisting of three elements: The education project FREE EDUCATION UNIT, a school for more than 1,000 children, young people and adults and financed with the proceeds from the AYURVEDA GUESTHOUSE; and a RESIDENCIES PROGRAMME which allows one world foundation to also become a place of art and literature. After the first experience in OWF school as a photography teacher in 2012, the photographer Elena Givone (elenagivone.com) has been invited to take part for the new project in 2014, and decided to keep this photography school alive with the principal of owf, and the director Kathrin Messner. Students will learn how to use a reflex camera, how to make a photo and art project. The result will be shown in a final exhibition in OWF school in Ahungalla, Sri Lanka, and in Europe.
All videos are made by Brigida Gianzi