Sunshine Charithy 2014 - Flying Away with Dreams

In striving to provide a better future for children, The Sunshine Charity has implemented projects and activities from short-term relief in the immediate aftermath of the tsunami to a permanent day-care centre for 35 children and from musical fundraisers to interactive workshops. Photographer Elena Givone learnt about The Sunshine Charity when she saw a Sunshine car sticker for sale at a shop in Colombo. A brief email in our in-box followed by a meeting where Elena explained her work and what she had in mind to do with the children. The concept she described was something unusual and the Trustees knew that the five day programme Elena outlined would benefit the children immensely. At the workshop, Elena encouraged the children to fly up, up and away. Holding a magic lamp in their hand, she asked them to close their eyes and pretending to be in flight, dream of something they really wish for themselves. Their thoughts were later discussed and documented in a book Elena gifted to the day care centre.